RAC India ExCon

RAC India ExCon, North India’s only exhibition on HVAC&R and Cold Chain Industry concluded on 6th of Oct, 2018 at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi. The three day long event from 4th – 6th Oct, 2018 was an outstanding success with over 75 Exhibitors showcasing their Products and services to focused Trade Visitors from the industry across India. The event recorded a footfall of 1976 Business visitors.

The formal inauguration of the conference and exhibition was organized on the forenoon of the first day- moderated by Dr Ravinder Kumar Sharma, former Director of National Horticulture Board and Consultant Advisor, NIFTEM, MOFI - who showed the perspective through a brief about the cold chain history and related developments in India. Former welcome was extended by PHDCCI Vice-President (Mr D K Agarwal). Another dimension to this event was revealing activities of Northern India Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Traders Association that is quite effective in taking its message through their dealers’ network in every nook and corner of the region.

The Business Events at RAC India ExCon were one of the key attractions of this international exhibition. Conference Programme, Brain Bate Programme and a focused Buyer Programme were a part of the Business Events to facilitate Knowledge Sharing and Global Practices in the field of HVAC&R and Cold Chain Industry. The Business events at RAC India ExCon were aimed to foster the Global Acceleration program for B2B startups in their growth/maturity phase..

The Global Trade facilitation was one of the key objectives of the Business Events Initiative at RAC India ExCon. Through this initiative the event was able to provide a conducive business environment to HVAC&R and Cold Chain companies to establish and grow in global markets. Through market development opportunities, policy interventions and alliances, the initiative helps the industry to build stronger and deeper relationships with overseas clients and other local stakeholders. As a part of this initiative Speakers from International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration in USA were invited to share the knowledge and the latest practices in the field of Ammonia refrigeration.

The effectiveness of International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) - a technical members’ organization - was also explained for areas like advocacy, education and standardization of this industry in different countries and India to take advantage of its rich experience. On this occasion, a MoU was also signed between PHDCCI (Mr Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary-General) and IIAR (Mr Samir Shah, Regional Vice-Chair) for further follow-up.

Delhi Cold Storage Association – a constituent member of Federation of Cold Storages Associations of India (FCAOI) also revealed their initiative to make their members’ units more viable and exploring other storable commodities also to run longer. Likewise, Association of Ammonia Refrigeration (AAR) also explained its activities for members’ advantages including draft standards under consideration by Bureau of Indian Standards through its President (Mr Anil Gulanikar).

The Brain-bate Programme provided a platform to share the end users requirement to the Buyers in front of suppliers. The focused Buyers Programme at RAC India ExCon facilitated Business Transactions between KCCI, FCAOI and SESI representatives B2B roundtable meet.

RAC India ExCon actively works with its supporting associations to represent key challenges faced by industry in India and also enables the same for global companies in India. During the event an estimated sales lead of 414 was generated outlining a successful business outing for the exhibitors.

The 2nd edition of RAC India ExCon has also been announced from 17th – 19th Oct, 2019 at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi.

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