Benefits of Visiting

Benefits of Visiting

Visiting a business exhibition can be overwhelming, especially when there are over 200 exhibition stands and over 5000 other visitors like at our RAC India ExCon 2019. So, we have put together the main benefits of visiting an exhibition and some tips on what to do beforehand to ensure your ROI and a successful day!

Find new business partners and expand cooperation with existing partners
One of the main benefits of visiting an exhibition is that it is an opportunity for you to meet hundreds of key business people under one roof and network: with the exhibitors, other visitors and expert speakers. This can be valuable to a small business as it saves you time setting up meetings around the country or calling hundreds of companies individually. Compare offers from a large number of companies under one roof.

Enquire about new products and services with the fresh mindset
It is not uncommon for business owners to get stuck in a rut, an exhibition is the chance for people to get out of the office and gain some fresh ideas and inspiration from other companies about how to expand your business. There is also the opportunity to meet new suppliers face to face which will particularly interest those visitors who are new to this industry.

Acquire more knowledge by attending the onsite Business events
Keynote speakers and seminars at the exhibition could be crucial to your company and it is worth taking some time out from the day to be inspired by what the experts have to say about their field and how they got there. Plan in advance, what seminars relate to your company, and make a note of the timings so you don’t miss them!

Gather the necessary information, materials, catalogues and contacts for the present and future business
Make sure you research which companies will be exhibiting before the event and, if they are of interest to you, make a note in the show guide of what stand number they will be on, so you don’t forget to visit them. You can always check the exhibitor list on the website beforehand and contact companies you would specifically like to meet!

Also make sure to arrive early for the speed networking sessions.
This is a perfect opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your business, make some contacts and some potential business opportunities. Be sure to have plenty of business cards and literature printed to hand out on the day!

To Expand your Reach, Boost Engagement, Grow Sales, Increase Knowledge